[effective June 2011]
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  1. LEDGEWOOD ASSOCIATION MEMBERS ONLY may rent the clubhouse. Rental application, rental contract and checks MUST be signed by a Ledgewood resident.
  2. Check the availability of the clubhouse with the Clubhouse Rental Manager. A rental application form and rental contract will be mailed to you within 24 hours of contacting the Rental Manager.
  3. Complete the rental application and contract and return it to the Clubhouse Rental Manager along with two personal checks. The first check is a $500 security deposit (see below for refund details). The second check is for miscellaneous rental fees including a $60 cleaning fee, $20 trash fee, lifeguard fees from Memorial Day to Labor Day and snowplowing if applicable All checks must be personal checks payable to the Ledgewood Association - no company or organizational checks will be accepted. IF RESERVATION IS MADE WITHIN ONE WEEK OF EVENT, ALL FEES MUST BE PAID BY MONEY ORDER.
  4. Upon receipt of your rental application, contract and checks, you will be given written confirmation of your reservation date. Deposit check will be cashed and your refund will be in the form of a Ledgewood Association check.
  5. Failure to return the Clubhouse key in a timely manner (3 days) will result in a $5.00 fee deducted from the deposit.
  6. The $500.00 security deposit will be returned after inspection of the clubhouse. In the event of damage to the facility occurring during the rental, the security deposit will be withheld, repairs arranged by Ledgewood Association, and the cost for such repairs billed to the renter if in excess of $500.00 or the difference refunded, if less than $500.00. Repairs are to be performed only by persons commissioned to do so by the Ledgewood Association Board. Security deposits where no damage occurs will be refunded within 7 to 10 days after the function.
  7. A $15.00 administrative fee will be charged for all checks returned for insufficient funds.
  8. The Association is not responsible for any items left at the clubhouse.
  9. Wedding rentals will have access to the clubhouse beginning at noon on the day prior to the wedding.
  10. All trash must be BAGGED, tied and placed in the trash container provided outside the kitchen door of the clubhouse (see Cleanup Instructions). If a catering service is used, please be sure the caterers are aware of this procedure. Ledgewood Association reserves the right to bill the renter for cleanup of unbagged trash whether in or outside of the trash container.
  11. All items belonging to either the renter or caterer must be removed by 8:00 a.m. of the following day. Failure to do so will result in a charge for removal by the association?s cleaning crew.
  12. Parking on the grass across from the clubhouse is prohibited.

Make Checks payable to: The Ledgewood Association
Diane Thompson (330) 603-6115

[effective June 2007]

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The renovated clubhouse should be treated like you would treat your own home (or better).

ONLY residents of Ledgewood in good standing with the Ledgewood Association are allowed to rent the facility and sign the rental agreement. The resident MUST be on site, at the clubhouse, during the entire duration of the function.

The clubhouse is a no smoking facility. There are NO exceptions to this rule.

Decorations should be confined to the tables. Do NOT attach or hang decorations on the walls, beams, accordion doors, fans, counters, windows or light fixtures. There are to be no pushpins or tape applied to or on the facility. Violators will lose their security deposit.

When using the kitchen appliances please remember to turn off all appliances, remove all items from the refrigerator and freezer. Two 100 cup coffee makers and garbage bags are provided for any clubhouse function.

Do not forget to place all garbage in trash bags first before placing trash bags in the dumpster outside the kitchen area.

The Ledgewood Association will repair any damage, which occurs to the facility as a result of the renter’s event, and the costs of these repairs will be billed to and paid for by the renter.

The pool can be rented until midnight during the swim season. The lifeguard fee is in addition to the rental costs. Lifeguards are required at all events after 8:00 PM between Memorial Day and Labor Day (see rental rates for additional information).

Wet clothing is not permitted in the clubhouse including bathing suits and towels at any time.

No alcoholic beverages are permitted outside the building.

Use of tables and chairs is at the discretion of the renter. Setup of tables and chairs is the responsibility of the renter. Chairs must be folded and racked. Tables must be wiped off put away.

Please remember to leave the facility as you found it. If it is not in satisfactory condition when you first arrive please let us know, immediately.

Diane Thompson 
(330) 636-6115

17761 Falling Water


Diane Thompson 
(330) 636-6115


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Available Tables & Chairs

  • 160 chairs
  • 16 Round Tables (5 ft. diameter), which seat 6-8 people each
  • 4 Rectangular Tables (2 ft. x 6 ft.), usually used for food service, but would seat 8-10 people each
  • 2 Rectangular Tables (2 ft. x 8 ft.), usually used for food service, but would seat 10-12 people each

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